Floor Lamps

Now, Chandra Ekajaya will sharing this tips for you about lamps for floor.

There are many different options for lighting a house, but most of them involve a lot of work. For example, installing track lighting, fluorescent lighting, recessed lighting, or any other similar options is difficult. Unless you are good with your hands and have the money and time to invest, you want to avoid it. After all, what looks worse than a hacked together lighting job? Still, having lighting in the ceiling has some advantages over desk lamps and floor lamps. It doesn’t take any floor space, it can not get knocked over accidentally, and it is permanent. In addition to this, you aren’t really aware of it. It just lights up the room without being particularly noticed. It has a nice ambient effect which is good for people who like seamless, consistent lighting.

My personal favorite option, however, is to use floor lamps to decorate my room. It actually started out of necessity. I was renting a house, and there was no lighting installed in the ceiling. I didn’t really want to do renovations, and it would be difficult to get the landlord’s permission. In addition to that, why bother improving the house? After all, I would be gone in a year anyway. We make major improvements only to get no credit for it. That is why I decided on floor lamps. Using desk lamps seemed like kind of a mediocre solution for that house. I would have to set up tables for it, and I already had limited space as it was. A floor light takes a little bit of room in the corner, but all in all it is almost like it isn’t there.

This doesn’t mean you can’t use the lighting to great effect. I have always preferred Tiffany floor lamps. I love the stained-glass look of them. All the color panels together produce a feel that is warm, yet surprisingly neutral. The effect is both artistic and practical. I can’t think of a better solution for lighting a house. Of course, other people prefer something more neutral. If this is what you are going for, I have always thought that nothing beats torchiere lamps. Torchiere floor lamps create a lot of light, yet they have the most low-profile and simplistic appearance possible. They have a very modern aesthetic that many people find very attractive. The light is what it has to be, and nothing more. If this is what you are going for, you can come by a very cheaply. All of the best discount stores sell that style of floor lamp for less than 30 dollars.

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